Mobile Patrol

At GSS Security Services Ltd we offer a personalized patrol service according to the security needs established with the clients. The patrol service to your site and/or street will provide high visible presence when it's mostly needed. The patrol service also offers an immediate response unit to any immediate need, and the service can be modified as a response to any changes in circumstances and/or needs.

When you engage our Mobile Security Services, we will carry out different visits at random times so as not to develop a routine pattern. We will report upon the security of your premises and property as required.

To further enhance the security of your premises we also provide warning notices which are a high-profile deterrent at the perimeter of your property.

Our fully trained patrols supervisors can check your premises during the vulnerable hours and deal with important security issues such as:

  • Setting and unsettling of alarms
  • Checking windows and doors to ensure they are locked and secure
  • Switching on and off of lights and equipment
  • Checking for any potential fire or flood hazards

Feel free to contact us to get our experienced mobile patrol team or to see how we can help your needs.